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Rybella was founded in 2010 by the will and collaboration of the founding members who are still at the helm of the company today.

Identity and values

Rybella is an established name on the market, thanks to the quality of its products. A quality that has been improving hand in hand with the consolidation of the company structure, up to the solid reality of today.

Quality Attention Competence

Our philosophy could be summarized in one word: quality, a philosophy that takes the form of a daily impetus to develop products with high quality standards, using carefully selected and processed ingredients to provide maximum effectiveness. Our commitment is to make it possible for consumers to access a good product at an affordable price. Our highly specialized professionals study and monitor the quality and purity of ingredients daily, as well as guaranteeing, through the most reliable tests, the efficacy and safety of the products.

Vivi Rybella, vivi il make up.

And this is what the company has set itself by combining research, development, production and distribution of products with the training and updating of its customers, who are personally followed through a dense network of agents throughout the national territory, as well as through a consulting service. Moving between advanced technology and fidelity to the knowledge of the Italian land, Rybella works daily to offer consumers, increasingly attentive to quality, products born from a skilful mix of selected ingredients, skills and corporate values.

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